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Parish messages

21 February

– We thank Father Donbor Zhirva for the sermons delivered in our church and at the same time we call on you to support the project of the Salesian Fathers for the construction of a church and an educational center in the town of Stara Zagora.
– On Monday, February 22, we celebrate the feast of the Throne of St. Peter the Apostle. Let us remember in our prayers for the Apostolic Nuncio – Archbishop Anselmo Guido Pecorari and our bishops: Georgi, Rumen, Hristo and Monsignor Strahil, who will be ordained in Ruse on March 19.
– On Tuesday, February 23, we commemorate St. Polycarp, Bishop and a martyr.
– During the period of Lent, every Friday we celebrate an additional liturgy from 10.30 am, and after it  a devotion to the Way of the Cross will be held, as well as after the liturgy from 6.00 pm. We remind you that on Fridays during Lent we abstain from meat, but this is not a time associated with any diet. During Lent we are called to more prayer and almsgiving and for little victims of deprivation and devotion to the poor too. Also, the money, collected on Fridays will be used for those in need. You can also leave your donations in the box under the statue of St. Anton. As a spiritual aid and prayer life we ​​offer you uploaded to our channel youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SvJosif: the book “Time for God” by Jacques Philip in 7 parts, 4 parts of excerpts from the “Diary” of St. Faustina Kowalska for God’s mercy, as well as sermons on topics related to successive parts of the Holy Liturgy.
– We ask the groups in the parish to get involved in the leadership of Devotion Way of the Cross on Friday after the evening liturgy in the following order: on 26 February – the Neocatechumenal Communities; March 5 – Third Franciscan Order; on March 12 – Youth Group; March 19 – Polish Catholic Mission; March 26 – Prayer Group of the Holy Father Pio.