enorijski saobshtenia ANG




– Today in the Church we celebrate the World Mission Day, established 94 years ago in 1926 by the papal decree of Pope Pius XI. This remark helps us with the opportunity to think deeply on the importance of missionary work for evangelization as a fundamental and essential task of the Church, reminding us that we are one and all committed to the main mission in our lives – to serve Christ according to our vocation. Let us once again mention in our prayers the priests, nuns and laity who serve mercifully by caring for people in need. The sum of the raised money today will be handed over to the missionary work of the Church.

– The month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary. Devotion to the Virgin Mary is celebrated every day from 5.30 pm before the evening Liturgy. We cordially invite you to join in this common prayer, in which we hopefully call on the Blessed Virgin to guide us on the way to Her Son and to ask for graces for us, asking God to support us in our daily lives and needs, and in a special way to help to all affected by the epidemic.

– On Monday, October 19, the Church commemorates St. Paul of the Cross. On this day the parish in the town of Ruse celebrates its temple holiday.

– On Thursday, October 22, we celebrate St. John Paul II – Pope, patron saint of families. On the occasion of this remembrance, after the evening Liturgy from 6.00 pm we will hold a devotion with litanies, during which we will pray for the families.

– On Friday, October 23, the Franciscan family commemorates St. John Capistran – a monk. On this day at 7.00 pm we invite you to a concert of the Chamber Orchestra “Classic”, dedicated to the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with the participation of famous Bulgarian solists. You’ll find the program on the board in front of the Church. Admission is free.

– We remind you that next Sunday we turn the clocks 1 hour back.

– We are preparing for the beginning of November, when we pray in a special way through the intercession of all the saints and for our deceased. As Christians, we enjoy the open sky and do not celebrate Halloween. Usually every year we organize a special holiday for children – a ball of “All Saints” in the pastoral center, but now, unfortunately, due to the extraordinary measures and efforts in our desire to try to ensure the greatest possible security and safety, this year we do not want to gather them in a large group.


– On Sunday, November 1, we celebrate All Saints. In our church we will celebrate liturgies as every Sunday, from 9.00, 10.30, 12.00 and 18.00. The procession of the cemetery will take place from 2.30 pm. We will start at the Catholic chapel. During this devotion you will have the opportunity to pray with the priests at the graves of your deceased relatives and friends.

– On November 2, Monday, we commemorate all our deceased brothers and sisters. We invite you to use the nice October weather and clean the graves of your relatives and friends as a sign of respect for their memory. On this day we will celebrate an additional Holy Eucharist in the chapel of the Central Sofia Cemetery – at 10.30 am. There will be liturgies in our church from 8.00 am and 6.00 pm.

We cordially invite you to write down the names of your deceased loved ones so that we can pray for them at this time. At the entrance of our temple you will find a specially prepared box where you can leave them with the donations.