enorijski saobshtenia ANG

                                                                                                                    Parish messages

– On Monday, July 13, we invite you to participate in a liturgical procession in honor of the Virgin Mary of Fatima, which will be held from 6.00 pm at the Monastery of the Sisters of the Eucharist at 15 Montevideo Street.

– On Wednesday, July 15, we celebrate the feast of the St. Bonaventure – Bishop and Church Teacher.

– On Thursday, July 16, we commemorate Virgin Mary of Carmel.

  1. Mass Scedule in the Church:
– on weekdays from 8.00 and 18.00; on Sunday from 9.00 am (Polish), 10.30 am (Bulgarian language), 12.00 pm (English language), 6.00 pm (Bulgarian language).

  1. Because of the pandemic situation we are in, we ask you:
* Keep a distance of 1.5 – 2.0 meters from each other. Families living together can also be together during worship services.

* According to the requirements, the mouth and nose must be covered with a mask.

* We transmit the sign of peace to each other with a gesture of smile or nodding but without any touch.

* We cannot use the holy water we traditionally found at the entrance of the temple, and we cannot kiss the relics or other objects of worship.

* It is imperative to restrict our movement in the temple, and when we stand in line to receive Holy Communion, we must again patiently keep a distance.

* You have the opportunity to receive Holy Communion in two ways: in the mouth or in the left hand, and with the right hand you put it in your mouth in front of the priest.

* Leaving the temple after the liturgy, let us keep calm and the necessary distance again.

* You have the opportunity to take advantage of the sacrament of Confession
in the open, on the terrace in the churchyard, during each liturgy.