enorijski saobshtenia ANG

Parish messages

                                                                                                                 SEPTEMBER 12, 2021 – WEEK XXIV

– We call you to pray for Pope Francis, who is today in Hungary together with the participants in the Eucharistic Congress (as and on the apostolic journey in Slovakia) – may this event support our faith in the real presence of Christ during each Liturgy, as well as in the Holy Communion.
– On Monday, September 13, we celebrate St. John Chrysostom bishop and a church teacher.
– On Tuesday, September 14, we celebrate the Feast of the Cross.
– On Wednesday, September 15, we commemorate the Sorrowful Mother of God.
– On Thursday, September 16, we commemorate St. Cornelius Pope the Martyr and St. Cyprian the Martyr Bishop.
– With the coming of the new school year, we sincerely wish all children and young people success in their studies and with God’s support and blessing
to develop their talents and always strive for new knowledge about the world, seeking His Wisdom! May your days at school be exciting and interesting, filled with much joy and grace! Religious meetings in our church will be held from October 3.
– We inform you that there is a new charge in our shop – statues of saints, icons, medallions, bracelets and other objects of worship.
– In connection with the ongoing census process, we ask you to pay attention by carefully filling in column number 12 – Religion (p. 11) of the Census Card, marking your religious affiliation with the corresponding “Catholic” sign.

This very small but meaningful gesture will show the real number of those belonging to our community, and this is also relevant for the overall good of the Church and its participants, even in receiving of subsidies and state aid. Let us inform other Catholics, as well as those who are preparing for Baptism and all who visit our church, who feel and define themselves as Catholics. On the board in front of the Church you will find a sample.