enorijski saobshtenia ANG



– Today’s Third Sunday of Advent is the Sunday of Joy and is traditionally called “Gaudete”. We are increasingly preparing for the commemoration of the birth of Jesus as a gift to all mankind, so let us set our hearts on fire with a sense of anticipation and hope, allowing the Spirit of God to transform our days as we approach in faith to welcome the joy of the coming of our King! We wish all of you a blessed time of intense joy and preparation, and we invite you to participate in the special Rorate Liturgies we celebrate at 7.30 am on weekdays and on Saturdays. There will be no liturgies from 8:00 a.m.
– On December 13th, Tuesday, we commemorate Saint Lucia, virgin and martyr.
– On December 14th, Wednesday, we commemorate Saint John of the Cross.
– This week there will be two Christmas concerts in our church: on Tuesday, at 7:00 p.m., we will hear the “Voices of Orpheus” choir, and on Thursday, also at 7:00 p.m., the “Classical Orchestra” will play. You`re welcome!
– On Friday at 7:30 p.m., a Holy Liturgy will be celebrated in our church in the Maronite rite.
– Next Sunday, Father Grzegorz Skżela from Belozem will visit our parish together with the volunteers who, through a charity bazaar in front of our church, will collect funds for the repair of the church “St. Francis”.
– And this year we are announcing a competition for the children for the most beautiful cave. You can bring the made caves until December 23.
– We inform you about the changes that have occurred in our fraternal Capuchin community. Father Marek Potochni, who served in our parish and then in Belozem, is returning to the town of Wolczyn (Poland). We welcome Brother Andrzej Schusbier, who will begin his ministry in Bulgaria in the parish in Belozem.
– There are also changes in Mother Teresa’s sisters. In the place of Mariel Grace, who is going to the city of Pleven, where the sisters are starting a new 4th community in the country, we welcome Sister Maria Edith to Sofia, who will lead religious instruction for the youngest children.
– The time of Advent reminds us of the readiness to meet the Lord. Let us not be afraid to take advantage of the sacrament of Penance. We, the priests, are at your disposal – we confess during and after liturgies. It is enough to communicate to one of us that you have a desire to be reconciled to God. You can make an appointment with us for confession at a time convenient for you.