enorijski saobshtenia ANG

Parish messages

– The month of May is dedicated to the Mother of God. We cordially invite you to participate in the traditional piety in her honor – half an hour before the evening liturgy.
– On May 2, Monday, we commemorate St. Athanasius – a church teacher.
– On Tuesday, May 3, we celebrate Saints Philip and James the Apostles.
– On Wednesday, May 4, we will pray through the intercession of our brother Capuchin, Blessed Benedict of Urbino. On this day from 7.00 pm in our temple there will be a concert dedicated to the Resurrection of Christ of the Classical Chamber Orchestra. The program will feature works by Handel, Bach, Telemann, Pergolesi, Mozart and others.
– On May 5, we will pray through the intercession of Blessed Jeremiah of Walchia, our brother Capuchin. This day is also the first Thursday of the month, when we pray together for new and holy vocations to monastic and priestly life. There will be an opportunity to worship Holy Communion from 17:00. After the evening liturgy from 6,00 pm we will hold the Easter devotion Via Lucis – Path of Light, in which we reflect on the meetings of the Risen Jesus with His disciples.
– May 6 is the first Friday of the month, when in a special way we honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
– And the time for the long-awaited pilgrimage to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro occurred. Tomorrow morning we expect all participants here in the church, where our meeting point is, to leave at 6:00 a.m.